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GSSD Expo: Building a New Collaborative Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

GSSD Expo: Building a New Collaborative Global Partnership for Sustainable Development

The seventh annual week-long United Nations South-South Development Expo got off to strong start with more than 500 delegates ... read more

National and international stakeholders discuss opportunities for cross-regional cooperation in the Arab States, Europe and the CIS at the Special Session at the GSSD EXPO 2016

Dubai, UAE, 2 November 2016 – The Special Session aimed to provide the participants with better understanding of cross-regional cooperation as one of the practical models of South-South Cooperation that could be applied as a collaboration framework in attaining certain national development priorities. It is also expected that the participating national focal points on South-South Cooperation and Directors-General for Development Cooperation from the two regions will come up with some additional partnership ideas that may  eventually result in new cross-regional cooperation initiatives. 

  1. Concept note;

  2. Agenda;

  3. Report on Cross Regional Session;

  4. Presentations by participants;

    1) Abdelkarim Sma Special Session Arab States ECIS;

    2) Ahmed Faruk Diken_Special Session AS ECIS;

    3) Amr Soliman_ Special Session AS ECIS;

    4) Marine Destrez Special Session Arab States ECIS;

    5) ShkelzenMarku _Special Session AS ECIS.

  5. Photos from the event.
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